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Howdy! My name is Winnie and this my site. I made this page as a task for Kingston Writing, which is an English as a 2nd Language and Web Design course. If you want to contact me, just use the contact form found on this page. Below is my personal CV, with a few examples of online sites and well written articles I've posted before.

Graduated with distinction from University of Toronto
6 years of article writing experience (particularly for Online readers)
5 years of web design experience.
Committed, team player worker with a taste for details.

Employment Experience.
Kingston Writing,2008 - Present
Team Leader
Responsible for putting together a international group of writers to suit a multifaceted set of growth objectives and goals.
- Create new records for output, growing production by 30% all over the globe
- Effectively handled consistent logs of project distribution
- Handled QA for global development over a large group of internet writers

Self-employed Website Designer

Additional Skills
Fluent in French
Exceptional competence using a numerous choice of office software

Samples of my work:

Address Labels Free

It may be common, plain and ordinary but is very, very important for every person in this world. Imagine a person or an establishment with no... Find out more...


An ad service is also otherwise known as “advertisement service” or “advertising service”. Advertisement is a means of communicating to a certain community, commonly, for the purpose of persuading that market community of prospective buyers to patronize a particular product, service or idea. Companies which make advertising a business whether it’s an advertisement service designed for commerce or politics as well as ideologies most often makes use of multi-media marketing. Most often advertisements are geared for... More on this site..

Business Card Template

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Business Card Templates

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Business Casual - women

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Business Ethics Definition

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Business Plan Sample

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Business Plan Template

Entrepreneurs and business owners must always write a comprehensive business plan not only for them but for other company executives and the employees as well. The items in a plan template are not always the same on all businesses. These templates serve as guide as to how the... More on this site..

Caribbean Business

This includes wedding planning or even assisting couples who in that very moment of their vacation decided to exchange vows, to prepare the important papers and the reception for the wedding. Wedding planning is one... Click here to continue..

Customer Service Skills

The first essential skill that he should have is empathy. If a customer service personnel knows how to empathize with customers, he can create a positive and remarkable impact on the latter. This skill is very important especially when a customer feels like being cheated after purchasing some defective products. When customers do not get what the company has promised them like the quality... Click here to read more..

Ethical Decision Making

People may not notice this but it is constantly being used. Any discipline is greatly affected by how people utilize decision making and how they incorporate ethics in that process. Businesses, medical issues, political issues are only... Click here to continue..

Free Business Card

This would increase their market and expand their reach as well. Because of the size of these cards, it is very convenient to keep in the wallet and it also makes it easily accessible. If a person will leave a business card on the... Read more..

Incorporating In Ontario

Ontario is a Canadian province which provides various industries a business environment where local and international investors and entrepreneurs can establish their own names. Doing business in Ontario is associated with a lot of benefits which each successful businessman can... Click here to read more..

Leadership Skills

A person just needs to figure out which type of leadership hat that he or she can wear. Among the numerous leadership skills, one of the most important one is being an example to others. Leadership by example is one of the best ways to... Find out more...

Professional Journals

Its contents are made by experts and professional on the field being talked about. Journals are not usually found on stores while magazines can be easily bought on magazine stands, groceries, drugstores, etc. Journals usually state their sources while magazines seldom cite sources. Contents of magazines are for the common people and general public... Read more..

Proposal Format

It is really important to write nice and best proposal because it is your key to get the things that you want to achieve. Follow... Continue reading..


The basic Visa requirements are to be of positive health, have reasons to return to your country of origin and have funds to cover your stay.   Business requirements The business requirements in Canada for the most part are in three levels. Those are Federal, Provincial and Municipal. You will have to register your business and provide information about the people who own and operate the business and what is... Click here to read more..

Size Of Business Card

It also does not require a big space in your pocket or wallet so it’s convenient to bring around. It also cost cheaper, because you’ll be producing lots of copies at a lower cost as compared to larger sizes. Lesser paper is also needed.... Source..

Social Responsibility In Business

For example, a company hiring 100 individuals from a given area must appropriately give correct salaries to the workers. A simple act of giving good wages is already an act... Source..

Online Payroll Calculator

These online calculators are also very easy to operate. There are instructions on how to do payroll online and fields are appropriately labeled for easy input. Instead of paying a lot of money to an accountant who will do all the necessary work, shifting to an online payroll calculator can help the company save on expenses. Aside from convenience,... Click here to read more..

Cheap Photo Books

Many of us are aware of the conventional photo album, a book loaded with clear plastic pages to insert your photo prints. Many of them have two hundred to three hundred slots for the pictures and also have covers made from leather, vinyl, leather, or some sort of covered paper. Photo books are also an ideal way to keep recipes as well as enjoy the numerous memories you could have of celebrations, special... Click here to continue..